Machining a windmill hub

Machining a re-designed hub for a windmill restoration project for a friend.

Restored windmill

A year later - the restoration is completed.

My Hobbies

I am a curious person. I always want to find things out. I took my mother's sewing machine apart when I was three, but I was found out before I could put it back togeather.

Usually there is some point to what I make, but not always.

Here are a few examples of recent projects.

Vacuum Chamber

This is a vacuum chamber exhibit for MOD

A robotics exhibit for MOD

A robotics exhibit for MOD

Solar Panel under construction

I wanted to do a solar project so I designed from scratch this two-axis sun tracking solar panel array. Not shown is the case containing the microcomputer and controller electronics for driving the horizontal and vertical actuators.

Solar system completed

The finished array tracking the sun and generating 2.5 kilowatts of solar energy.